From the President


Redtail Contracting Ltd. is an established line locating, river profiling, and mapping company that has earned a reputation for innovation and excellence in job completion and delivery throughout Central Alberta and the Eastern Slopes. Our team is unique to the industry as all members bring extensive experience in a wealth of applicable professions. We have a depth of knowledge, proven professionalism and competent capabilities to ensure our client’s needs are addressed and completed at an exemplary level.

From the General Manager


Redtail Contracting Ltd. is a leading edge industry and private sector underground facilities locating company that applies technological advantage in the delivery of our services. From Drone Mapping, Underwater Locating Application, to creating industry Safe Practices measures our team is extremely competent and skilled. Diversified in off road vehicle certification, course development creation and major project experience our team has proven to impress and reaffirm our capabilities to all our clients. This trust has led us to be single sourced and exclusive to a number of successful private sector and oil/gas field companies.

Jimmy Clark M.Ed


Ground Disturbance River Crossing Line Location Specialist


Swift Water Technician


Retired High School Principal


Commissioned Officer (Reserves) Canadian Armed Forces

Scott Collinson


Ground Disturbance River Crossing Line Location Specialist


Swift Water Technician


Scolin Builders President


Ships Captain Papers


Certified DOT UAV Pilot

Ian (ID) Daisley B.Ed

Crew Chief

Ground Disturbance River Crossing Line Location Specialist


Dedicated and Active Community Memeber


Retired High School Social Studies Teacher


RCMP Auxiliary Constable

Jim Walker CET

Safety/Incident Investigation Specialist

ATV/UTV Chief Instructor


Ground Disturbance River Crossing Line Location Specialist


Skilled Outdoor and Wilderness Instructor


Retired RCMP Officer

Mark Lobley

President ML Electric Ltd.

Journeyman Electrician


River Crossing Line Location Crew


Skilled Small Engines Aficionado


Cattle and Grain Operations Owner



David Burke

Major Film Actor

Ground Disturbance Line Location Specialist


Equestrian Trainer/Ranch Manager


Skilled Carpenter

Karen Daisley HR

Business Manager/Accounts

Red Deer College Business and HR School Graduate


Compilation and Reports Copywriter


Education (High School) Business Manager


Accounting Consultant

Glenys Kent BSc (GEO)


Independent Geological Field Assessor


Ground Assessment/Line Assistant


President GKent Consulting

Ryan Pirzek


Business Strategist

Past Business Owner /Marketing and Branding Firm


Ground Disturbance / Line Location Assistant


Extensive Pipeline Field Experience




PO Box 1266  Rocky Mountain House, AB  Canada  T4T 1A9

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